Models & Tools : the Johari Window 👁️‍🗨️

Developed by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham, the Johari Window is a model that can be used to enhance self-awareness and understanding, and helping you to « manage » your image and visibility.

What’s the purpose? I am sharing an example of its application in coaching below. It was a woman I coached while she was appointed at her company Executive Committee. She felt a lack of legitimacy and recognition from her peers, partly due to a career path looking « different » compared to others (less « technical roles », job tenure twice as short as others). She wanted to influence their perception of her and show what she can bring to the team.

Understanding the Johari Window 🔍 :

The Johari Window consists of four quadrants, representing different facets of what we know about ourselves and how others perceive us :

Johari Window
  1. Open Area: What you know about yourself that others also know.
    • This is part of your « brand » (whether you want it or not): the objective here is to know whether you would like to continue (or not) to communicate about those skills, successes, etc.
  2. Blind Area: What others see in you, but you are unaware of.
    • To expand the open area, seek constructive feedback from people you interact with (peers, superiors, colleagues, clients) to better understand their perception. Based on what you learn, gain clarity and decide about an action plan.
  3. Hidden Area: What you know about yourself that others do not know.
    • It’s not about revealing everything, but rather considering what you want others to know (professional aspirations, specific skills). Be strategic 😉.
  4. Unknown Area: What neither you nor others know about you.
    • Explore this area by being open to new experiences, different perspectives, observing how others acts (mentors, managers, colleagues)… It could also about considering opportunities that broaden your skillset or add value to your role.

Take a moment to reflect on your « professional image »🎭

To use this model, take a moment to reflect on your own situation: « What do I want to be known for ? How can I develop my visibility ? »

Fill in each quadrant of the Johari Window with observations in each zone. Then, consider what you wrote to identify potential actions to enhance your professional image.

Some questions below to help you reflect :

  • What do you put in your Open Area ?
    • What are you sure about what others know about you that you also know ?
    • How satisfied are you ? Is there anything you would like to change about their perceptions ?
  • Regarding your Blind Area,
    • Are you surprised by some feedbacks you received ?
    • How much do you think you know about what others think of you on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being « I don’t know at all ») ? How can you obtain constructive feedback ? On which aspects ?
  • About your Blind Area,
    • What would you like others to know about you that you haven’t shared (enough yet) ?
    • Who would you start with ? What would be a good way to convey that information to this person ?
  • Exploring your Unknown Area,
    • What new experiences or ways of doing could you explore and learn from ?
    • Which topic would be the most interested to explore ?

If you wish to explore further relevant strategies through coaching, feel free to contact me.

Time to shine!✨ Wish you a great exploration ! 🔍

Photo: Karolina Grabowska

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