For aspiring and established Coaches

Looking for professional growth and business development?

I can help you with

Leveraging an integrative approach of Coaching, Supervision, Mentoring and Consulting

Training & Certification Guidance

Avoid confusion and accelerate your coaching journey with tailored guidance to choose the right training, certification, and continuing education for you.

Accreditation Support & Mentoring

Secure or renew your accreditation with comprehensive competency support and targeted mentoring.

Supervision & Practice Enhancement

The best coaches invest in their own development: stay current and ahead of the crowd by navigating ethical dilemmas, enhancing your practice, and boosting your well-being.

Coach Branding & Business Development

Many coaches fail to earn a living from coaching. Differentiate yourself in a crowded market and build a viable business model that works for you.

Looking to enhance your Coaching practice and grow your business?

Explore how those goals align with what you want to achieve as a Coach
  • Understanding the Certification Process: Learn the crucial aspects of becoming a certified and/or accredited coach with ICF or EMCC, including the benefits and requirements.
  • Choosing the Right Training for you: Support and Guidance for aspiring coaches in identifying key criteria for selecting their initial coach training, and support for established coaches to reflect on and choose the right continuing education to advance their skills.
  • Reaching Accreditation Levels: Guidance on understanding and translating into your practice the specific competencies required for ICF and EMCC accreditation levels.
  • Mentoring for Credentialing: Focusing on developing required level of competencies and Providing the required 10 mentoring hours for coaches seeking to obtain or renew their ICF accreditation.
  • Skills Enhancement and Knowledge Expansion: Build your identity as a coach, develop your practice, and expand your understanding of various coaching models and approaches. Engage in reflective practice sessions to refine your coaching methods.
  • Ethical Navigation and Values Alignment: Enhance your capability to handle complex situations ethically, aligning your practice with core coaching values and your personal values to ensure integrity and professionalism.
  • Enhancing Well-being and Resilience: Develop strategies to manage stress, prevent burnout, and maintain high energy levels to be fully present for your clients.
  • Brand Development and Market Positioning: Develop a unique and compelling personal brand that distinguishes you in the coaching market. This includes defining your coaching style, target audience, and the key messages you want to communicate.
  • Tailored Business Model Strategy: Explore and implement sustainable business models that align with your unique situation and priorities. Whether you are coaching internally within organizations or running your own practice, we’ll help you find the right model to maximize your impact and ensure business sustainability.

Overview of Experience & Expertise

Most frequent questions and answers

In-depth of ICF & EMCC frameworks

Member of both federations, trained with certified programs for Coaching and Coaching Supervision, accredited with ICF PCC and EMCC SP and ESIA (ongoing) 

Diversty of approaches

Trained with diverse approaches, methodologies and tools: systemic, solution-focused, neurosciences, emotional intelligence, Gallup CliftonStrengths… (see full certifications in the “About Me” section)

Broad range of
Coach experience

Solid experience as a part-time and full time coach, and as an internal and external coach, which has brought an in-depth understanding of coach opportunities & challenges 

Success stories

From Coaches I have helped:

I engaged in coaching supervision sessions with Evelyne and really enjoyed it. She helped me become more intentional and sustain changes. Evelyne creates a supportive space which opens up for self-reflection and higher awareness. She offers a sensitive and sincere listening and understanding. Thank you Evelyne!
Ulla-Pia D.
Solution-Focused Coach
I had a chance to work with Evelyne this year and as a supervisor, she demonstrated great dedication to supporting my coaching practice. Her expertise in supervision was evident from our very first session. One of Evelyne's greatest strengths lies in her ability to tailor her guidance to my specific needs as a coach. She provided invaluable feedback, resources, and direction, all carefully calibrated to support my development. What truly set Evelyne apart was her balanced approach, seamlessly blending coaching with guidance and knowledge sharing. This holistic method ensured that I received both the support and guidance necessary for my progression, all while honouring my autonomy as a coach. She created a safe, non-judgmental space for reflection, which was instrumental in fostering trust and openness during our supervision sessions. Thank you again for all your support this year!
Ewelina R.
Life & Career Coach
Participating in Evelyne's coaching supervision program was a transformative experience that deepened my practice. Evelyne's approach was both empathetic and specifically tailored for me. Her ability to foster reflective dialogue and provide insightful feedback truly rejuvenated my perspective and effectiveness. I am immensely grateful for her guidance.
Laura L.
MCC Executive & Leadership Coach

If you are ready to elevate and refine your coaching practice, schedule your free 30-minute exploratory session and start your journey toward becoming an even more impactful coach.

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